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  • Jul 14th, 2011 @ 9:59pm

    Evolve or die (as diaskeaus)

    While yes, it's very true that all this costs money, more and more is going into the cloud. We are going to soon be all using our phones in the cloud, ordering our meals from the cloud, and replacing snail mail with the cloud (if we haven't done so already). Families living under one roof are going to be watching television solely through the cloud, playing games solely through the cloud, doing homework solely through the cloud, and reading books solely through the cloud. We are going to be so high in the sky we will not be able to see the ground. This is coming. Ten, fifteen years at the most.

    These companies must evolve or they will die. This is a model from the Prodigy-era, when people paid for internet usage by the minute, only changed a bit when DSL became instant. This model must evolve to a different model, where companies charge for service and speed, not size and amount.