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David H. Deans is the Senior Partner of Deans & Associates, and the founder of GeoActive Group USA. He established this technology and digital media marketing professional services company to specialize in market research, go-to-market strategy development, plus the design and execution of targeted market development plans - http://geoactivegroup.com


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  • Dec 14th, 2009 @ 10:59am

    No Such Thing as One-size-fits-all IT Solutions

    Todd, anyone who says they have one IT infrastructure deployment solution to every application requirement is either uniformed or simply lazy. The server virtualization trend is based-upon valid return on investment metrics, but I do see your point. Any intelligent decision making process should extend beyond a lowest common denominator, and consider all viable options. Therefore, I'm curious, is there a checklist that you use to make the appropriate resource selection? Also, is an out-tasked managed cloud service option going to be part of that selection process? David Deans - Business Technology Roundtable

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