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  • Feb 22nd, 2010 @ 5:59pm

    free advertising for providers?

    I personally can attest to companies doing things like this. About 2 years ago I uploaded a copy of an iPod commercial that drove me nuts for about 2 weeks...and I expected Apple to promptly take it down. However, they haven't...the video is still up.

    When Gary Coleman did the ads for CashCall...I promptly put them on Youtube because, hey, that's funny right? I also expected someone to come along and take them down...but to this day...it's still up...and has been linked by everyone.

    I can't say all my advertising content is still up...some of it has been pulled...it all depends on the company that owns it.

    My opinion is with a lot of the adverts that do manage to stay up on YouTube...it's essentially free airtime for them. They want the ad to reach as many eyes as possible..and if people are going to put them up...that's still eyes having viewed it...even if it's just as entertainment value..it's still somewhat affecting what they do.

    Besides, the profit channels are different.