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  • May 07, 2022 @ 01:59pm

    Although I agree that this is legal theater instead of actual redress, I have some sympathy for the case

    Mike says "... the Biden administration did not exist at the time of the Hunter Biden laptop story. So there is no way that the Biden administration ..." True. This ignores that elected officials come and go, but bureaucrats are forever. It would have made sense had this lawsuit been against NSA and CIA, and particular people in those departments. It was the people in those departments who did the full on press that the Hunter Biden story wasn't a story, therefore Twitter and Facebook should censor it. That Twitter and Facebook DID censor was obvious election tampering. That's the gist of the problem. An "October Surprise" has been a modern election tactic for forty years. It's not like this was fake news; the NY Post even offered the NYT access to the material at the time. And of course, March 16 of this year, the New York Times finally admitted that the story was real. Instead of suing "The Biden Administration", this lawsuit should have been against the agencies and people that sold Twitter and Facebook on the idea to supress the story. So yeah, it is a mis-placed lawsuit and (at best) "Legal Theater". This still leaves us with the fundamental problem that the spy agencies had spent four years stabbing CIC/POTUS in the back. Then they urged Twitter and Facebook to tamper with the election, which they did. It was good for them that their election tampering worked. If DFT had gotten re-elected, he probably would have gone on a "Defund The Spies" campaign in revenge. His first term, they could dangle the second term as a carrot in front of him; but once he became a lame duck president, he really wouldn't have anything to lose, to test the whole Line Item Veto process against defunding the agencies that had spent four years actively trying to harm him. This would have been catastrophic for those agencies. It (line item veto all funding for them) might have worked, but even if not, it would have delayed the budget (and payroll) of those agencies for months while the legal battle played out. So I have some sympathy for the idea that someone ought to be brought to justice for tampering with the election. Naming "The Biden Administration" is stupid, though.

  • Dec 07, 2021 @ 11:47am


    I have zero evidence or facts or anything, but I imagine that this is what the lawsuits about @DevinsCow are about. Here's Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and someone in an Intelligence agency released a hint of the kompromat to the @DevinsCow author. (Whomever) publishes, and now Devin, with the wrath of a woman scorned, is on a mission to find out who dared try to blackmail him. Devin! The single most powerful congressman with the power of budget over ALL USA Intelligence Agencies and a stalwart champion of all things snooping, and they have the gall to threaten him? Oooh. Someone's gonna pay. Besides, it's a national security problem if some intelligence agents are just running around leaking people's kompromat. First though, we have to find out who that person is. Lawsuits commence!

  • Aug 10, 2021 @ 06:39am

    Re: Re: Perhaps they do intend to one day open "for real" in Aus

    I believe that the way the law plays out is that they would be forced into a choice: 1) Pick a different name for their stores, or 2) License their name from the company that claimed the name on Australian soil first or 3) Completely buy out the company that claimed the name on Australian soil first. The last two options have two problems: 1) What if the company that that claims the name on Australian soil first actually sucks? The new venture into Australia would start at a disadvantage because of poor reputation. 2) The price could be exorbitant. "You want the name In-N-Out? Five Million Dollars!" Compare the cost of setting up the pop up restaurant for a few hours every few years to the potential cost of buying a license (or buying out the whole chain) and the pop-up restaurant is an obvious choice.

  • Jul 12, 2020 @ 08:29am

    Wire for the nose bridge?

    I can't tell if these masks come with the piece of wire inside the top edge that that let's one mold the mask over the bridge of the nose.

  • Nov 16, 2018 @ 11:45pm

    I worked on one of these, way back when

    It was Global Tel-Link, too.

    The defendant's attorneys were putting in their PIN, to flag the call as protected; but, the recordings were still written to disk, and then sent over to the District Attorney's office. Someone at the District Attorney's office realized what they were listening to, and reported it. That launched a small storm, where I, an I.T. guy, was brought in. They had the date of the configuration change that broke things, so they needed me write the script that found all the possibly contaminating files, which I then copied to some sort of media (I don't recall; it was I think 20 - 25 years ago).

    Anyway, my job was to hand all the found files to an attorney who was not employed by the County, and didn't normally do any work for the County. He was hired to then listen to every recording, and review every case of a defendant recorded, looking for evidence that a District Attorney used evidence in trial that they got via the privileged conversation. If he found that evidence, the defendant would get an automatic re-trial.

    The danger was that if even one defendant was recorded, and the contents of the recording were used against the defendant, (and the defendant was found guilty), then every defendant found guilty during that time would demand a retrial. So part of the plan was to review (by this disinterested third-party attorney) every case before any of the automatic retrials were announced. That way, should someone not affected by the trouble demand a retrial, the County could say "no, your case was already checked, and you were not a part of this mess." There was some aspect of a flood of retrial demands coming through that would overwhelm the system, and invoke some sort of action / sanction due to "timeliness" not being met.