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  • Dec 21st, 2012 @ 2:24pm

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    Perhaps the opt in/out pages could all carry a bloody big Daily Mail logo on them with the legend: "This child protection measure brought to you by the Daily Mail, without whose continued campaigning it would never have happened."?

  • Apr 16th, 2010 @ 11:40pm

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    Industry bodies have welcomed the news that the European Union and major nations have agreed not to use a three-strikes approach to combat copyright infringement as part of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) talks.

    The ruling is at odds with the recently passed Digital Economy Act that contains measures for internet service providers to send letters to persistent file sharers and potentially disconnect them from the internet.

    Copyright lawyer Robin Fry from Beachcroft LLP suggested that the move could have significant repercussions for the UK.

    "In essence anyone disconnected under the Digital Economy Act could challenge that ruling in the European Courts of Justice claiming the UK laws are not good enough as they don't follow the ACTA agreement," he said.

    "This could pose some significant international challenges as organisations may be prepared to back any individuals who looked to challenge a UK ruling in the European courts."

    So ACTA saves us from the DEAct/Three Strikes????

  • Mar 25th, 2010 @ 1:13am

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    Racists, drivers & copyright infringers.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/7515305/Campaign-launched-to-era dicate-music-piracy.html

    Comparisons were made at the launch in London on Wednesday to anti-drink driving campaigns which have gradually changed attitudes. Ms Byrne said of such parallels: ''Absolutely, I spoke to quite a few people when we were doing this campaign and it's not going to happen overnight but I think the whole point is basically creating awareness and to chip, chip away.'' She added: ''I think the key thing is that this is a starting point.'' Chris Morrison of CMO Management agreed that the problem is generational. But he continued: ''You can educate that out of people ... Racial prejudice was rife when I was a child ... the public attitude towards it has changed radically. ''You educate, it's generational ... It may take five, 10 years, but you need to start in schools.'
    That's right - if you 'illegally' download then you're no better than a drunk driving racist - (from next week add in gang rapist kiddie murderer...) And of course, if you're accused of being a drunk driving racist gang rapist kiddie murderer, then you must be a drunk driving racist gang rapist kiddie murderer ...

  • Mar 24th, 2010 @ 12:52am

    Been here before

    This 'appeal' process has been discussed here a couple of months back:
    "Insult To Injury: Mandelson Wants Those Wrongly Kicked Off The Internet To Pay To Appeal
    from the guilty-by-association dept
    As if Peter Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill proposal wasn't bad enough, Dave sends in yet another problem with it. While it does include a process for appealing if you are cut off for accusations (not convictions) of unauthorized file distribution or reproduction, you will have to pay up to appeal. So even if you are innocent, it will cost you money to make your case for why you shouldn't have been cut off in the first place."


    So, you can appeal, but unless the plans have changed, you'll have to pay for the privilege.