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  • Oct 22nd, 2016 @ 5:48am

    When you outsource to the cloud, you have a SPOF you can't see.

    Whether or not Dyn should have been able to withstand this DDOS, whether or not the DDOS should have been prevented, it's still a problem for all of Dyn's customers that decided that they didn't need any other DNS services because Dyn is the cloud.

    On the DNS customer side, there's no reason not to use multiple authoritative DNS providers, including running one yourself. The cleanest way of doing this is to run two or three widely separated DNS servers that only talk to your three DNS services. Even for huge zones, this is a cheap and idiot-resistant method.

    On the resolving side, there's no excuse for not having two or three nameservers listed on each of your computers. If you are small: one from your ISP, one from Google, one from any other service. If you are in any position to run caching DNS servers, do that as well.