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  • Dec 3rd, 2010 @ 12:37am

    sorry, disagree.

    When you buy a Tracphone, what comes with the phone? There should be a little piece of paper or something that says "terms and conditions". OK? Do we have that out of the way?

    Now. Some of you are saying "so what, nothing in that legalese applies to me, it's not enforceable".

    If you champion that above statement, then surely you believe that our favorite unlocker should not have went to jail, and he has done nothing wrong. Right?

    Let's take that a step further. Think about just about every product you've ever bought. Come on guys, don't be cute here. I'm not talking about food here. Think on the straight and narrow. Especially software. It's plainly stated you may not reverse engineer it.

    But wait - "oh you can't enforce that on me AFTER I've already bought the software".

    This type of thinking is what worries me. That you're so above the rules that you can get away with literally anything, because it suits you.

    Back to that little piece of paper that came with the Tracphone. Read it again and see it for yourself. It plainly states you may not resell the phone. It plainly states that you may not modify this product. Or they'll sue you. They've made their point clear, have they not? If you don't agree, and haven't used a second of the phone, what's stopping you from getting a refund, and/or not buying anything from Tracphone?

    Is taking advantage of a company all you guys care about? Knowingly scoffing at a "bad" business model, and then saying it's not your fault they suck? How is this different from me taking some of your work, modifying it, then reselling it for a profit? How would you feel?

    If you say "I wouldn't care", you're lying.