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  • May 29, 2020 @ 01:00pm


    Engaging with policymakers is one way to make it a reality. At Public Knowledge, we've called for Congress to create an expert agency with authority over digital platforms. Such a digital regulator could not only move closer to the speed of technology (Congress struggles with this) but also deal with these sort of pro-competition ideas. Figuring out how to have an interoperability rule is one task. Solving what nondiscrimination rules would look like is another. A third would be to review mergers with a heightened standard. A fourth is helping set up best practices for auditing algorithms to make sure they are equitable and don't violate civil rights laws or other bias concerns. There's a lot an agency could do. Additionally, there is an interoperability bill out there in the Senate right now, the ACCESS Act, sponsored by Senators Warner, Hawley, and Blumenthal. It is a starting point for thinking about legislation.