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  • Jul 07, 2021 @ 11:33pm


    I mean health care insurance top money payouts. I'm saying 1 & 2 don't cure,just manage. I have ben told that HEP-C treatment is so high that the 3rd world may as well not know it exists. My spouse deals with the cost of Self-Insured business and the cost of continued research is kinda built onto the system; Cost shifting-- (buyers of insurance get charged big $ but hospitals pay to fix anyone) to the patent Rx to market; ROI is a fiction when a 10 year span of research is factored in.

    The reason for me saying what i know now? I won't be distracted later. Somebody will say I'm just a tool of Big-Rx. Well, bummer. Nobody gets off this rock alive.

    Note:Late 1990's etanercept [trademark name here] was $3000 a month forever. Today $ per month is lower, lab work is same [doctor stuff] Public doesn't see the overall savings in reduced damage to body, quality of life, and so on unless it is happening to them. It's not the patent that is broken, policy in Washington DC is.