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  • Dec 22nd, 2011 @ 6:00am

    Constitutionality of SOPA

    I'm no lawyer, so I can't really speak to the legal aspects of SOPA. However, seizing domains and terminating DNS resolution for those domains sounds awfully lot like prior restraint.

  • Dec 10th, 2010 @ 11:38am

    Re: Re: Reasoning by analogy

    After reading "The Anarchist in the Library," it puts these cyber-attacks in a new perspective.
    Now, Lobo Santo puts this into an interesting context.
    Sit-ins, direct action, etc. all require an active, aggressive - sometimes non-violent - group action to hinder an ongoing issue. E.g., if you'll forgive the loft allusion, Rosa Parks sat in the bus actively, knowingly trying to make a point against racial segregation. In the process, she also impeded other segregationist whites from continuing with the status quo.
    Anonymess, as it were, are making themselves heard, and for a reason. However, most of their actions are passive and collaterally affect legitimate "business." No customer will be presented (in the instance of PayPal) with a page saying that "PayPal is evil, here is why, this was done by Anonymous." Customers would be unable to access their funds for maybe a couple days. The sit-in theory is now bunk.
    Back to the Parks allegory: these actions would be more along the lines of Parks sitting at the bus stop protesting segregation without actively stopping the segregationist seating policies.