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  • Nov 19th, 2010 @ 5:40pm

    Paying hard money for quack crap.

    You know, I listened to this gas bag yammer on. I heard several lies between the two videos. My head was literally starting to hurt from the horse manure this jackass was spilling. Sorry for my vulgarity. However, I believe in knowledge and wisdom. I strive to learn new things all the time. However, at times I have to pay for the class in the field I wish to pursue. But when I can find out more information on Google than what the teacher actually knows, and I confront him/her about this with a solid backing of information, and than punished for it. I get angry and I wish to have my money returned. With this being said, this professor has clearly screwed up. CLEARLY. And the horse manure scare tactic to get people to fess up for something he was to lazy to do. Well that just goes to show you what our education system is like these days. I suggest the students boycott this class, advocate the termination of this dunderhead, and demand better class material with active professors who take pride in their work.