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  • Jul 09, 2014 @ 07:26pm

    Cybersecurity bill CISA does have major support from the Chamber of Commerce

    I just read you do not think this bill will pass. If you believe that you are on cloud 9. First of all the only reason the Cyber security bill in 2012 did not pass is because the Chamber Of Commerce and Tom Donahue who heads the chamber did not like the fact that unlike CISPA they would be forced to hand over information. Another problem is the Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ALWAYS felt Cyber Security is a top priority issue so you can expect this bill S. 2519: National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center Act to come up at the final weeks of July on the Senate Calendar of things to do. Third and this is important: gov.track gives this Senate CISA Cybersecurity bill a 67% chance of approval

    You guys really believe you stopped the 2012 cyber security bill? First of all the bill passed it was just filibustered which means the bill was only temporary stopped BUT IT DUD PASS THE SENATE. this bill does what the House bill and the corporations want which is to be able to give out your information without immunity. The last Cyber Security bill by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut Democrat had too many privacy amendments. Now the Lieberman is gone, the big girl and NSA loving Senator Feinstein of California ALWAYS WANTED NSA to be cyber head. She now holds the position as the majority Senator on the senate intelligence committee. She is a very good friend of Israel, America's best friend. This bill is a Chamber dream and Senator Reid of Nevada WILL GET THIS BILL VOTED ON BY THE FINAL WEEK OF JANUARY. A new and more Washington friendly internet will come to be and copying and pasting of a New York Times piece under this Cybersecurity bill CISA S.2519 will be considered a Cyber Security threat with plenty of jail time. The old internet will be gone in 2 weeks TIME. Please do not lie to your readers. CISA will pass because it has the blessing of the Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donahue.