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  • Jun 28, 2022 @ 02:04am

    I doubt that most McDonald's employees will repair their own equipment unless the fix is straightforward, such as pressing two buttons simultaneously or making sure a lid is closed. Even the majority of fast food workers are unable to properly refill the fancy touchscreen soda machines' cylinders.

  • Jun 28, 2022 @ 02:03am

    There's a terrific movie on YouTube where someone independently investigates the ice cream machine problem, and the findings are amazing. The identical ice cream systems from Taylor are used by numerous fast food chains without any downtime. All of McD's restaurants are mandated to utilize a particular machine, and it is this system that has been specifically programmed to deceive users in order to generate service calls. On the surface, a $100–$300 service call may not seem like much money, but as the machine keeps failing, the costs add up. Given that the movie demonstrates access to an Administration menu that is not addressed in the manual, it is properly structured in this manner.

  • Jun 28, 2022 @ 01:59am

    Very sorry. When ever a gaming corporation chooses to use the same tactic with its modification population, it takes things to a whole new level. Tack is a sailing term that refers to heading Please excuse any typos. However, I hope this is useful rather than chastising in case it was a long-held misinterpreting.

  • Jun 28, 2022 @ 01:57am

    Fear—just plain old fear. They are concerned about losing control of their intellectual property. Fear that they missed something in the mod that would have hurt their reputation. Fear that I could have overlooked something in the mod that might be harmful to my reputation fallout 4 here . Fear of being sued for any reason, either because of the mod or because of the modders. Fear that the modification will outperform the original and raise the bar for future products. Fear that they won't be able to charge much or anything at all for expansions if a mod is free (in addition to having to purchase the original). Fear that people will continue to play older music when newer music is available. It is

  • Jun 28, 2022 @ 01:53am

    It all comes down to being afraid to even dare to take a small risk.