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  • May 18th, 2012 @ 8:53pm

    (untitled comment)

    Well, you are always going to catch some dolfins when you are trolling for tuna. That is the risk of the fishing buisness.
  • May 10th, 2012 @ 9:18pm

    Re: Re: another reason

    NOt driving through the red light, just taking the highway instead of the slow surface roads.
  • May 10th, 2012 @ 1:40pm

    (untitled comment)

    It is caca like this and the forced previews that even on the movies that I actually buy I rip them to get rid of this crap. When I pop in a DVD the first thing I want is the title card so I can play the movie or bonus features. I don't want any of the other stuff, it is annoying.
  • May 6th, 2012 @ 3:55pm


    It wasn't "tampered" by Mike, it was highlighted by the original commenter Sceptical Cynic

    https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120503/02343218752/can-someone-explain-when-pirate-bay- was-actually-put-trial-uk.shtml#c6
  • Apr 16th, 2012 @ 3:59pm


    And does it include the bandwidth that the ISP uses to communicate with their equipment? DSL/Cable modems have their own internal servers that they talk to to get their own internal IP address, and the intermentent "I am still here, Am I still allowed to be on the network, my lease is up!, any update, ect." Do we pay for that traffic or is the ISP eating that as a cost of doing buisness? If you have VOIP phone with the ISP is that bandwidth not metered?
  • Apr 16th, 2012 @ 2:44pm

    Re: Re:

    Well, you also lose megabytes in the formating as well. There is a chunk that is reserved for indexing etc.
  • Apr 14th, 2012 @ 4:06pm

    (untitled comment)

    I listen to mostly industrial music (Some have been on Alternitave Records like Lard), and it gets very very little airplay. I have been to many shows and it amazes me that for a genre that is not mainstream always seems to fill venues. Granted they are not stadiums, but I have never been to an empty show. It is pretty sad that artists that make their money mostly off of concerts/merch needs to pay money to artists that already makes tons off of filling stadiums and selling millions of records. A lot of the bands I listen to also uses samples from other music/movies/tv as a part of their music, inspration, and creative processes. I know of one song that used a lot of sampling from horror movies, and the song made it to the album, but the video couldn't be officially released because some of the samples couldnt' get released from the copyright holders.

    Jesse, your label is one that has artists that don't normally get airplay, I am sure that you have a different agenda than the majors, do you think that is why you are anti spoa/dmca? Do you think your part of the buisness is more lenient on mixtapes and downloading because the money is made more on the shows and expanding the fanbase that way? I say that because I didn't find out about industrial music until I was given a few mixtapes of bands, and then started buying tapes of the artists that I liked. Is word of mouth a better buisness model for you than trying to get airplay for the artists you represent?
  • Mar 24th, 2012 @ 2:21pm

    (untitled comment)

    Just because some job-seekers are desperate enough to give up their social networking login information doesn't mean that employers should ever ask for it. But it also doesn't mean that we immediately need a new law. If you don't care about your personal information and you want to work for a place that violates privacy so cavalierly: by all means, give 'er.

    However you are also giving up the privacy of your friends, and your friends friends. Which is something that they have not given concent to give up. What if one of my facebook friends is talking about a personal family issue or their drug habit, does their issues reflect your ability to do your job, your personal situation? Is that respective employer now required to report my friends drug habit? People have different lives, their work life, their friends lives, their family life, and these lives rarely mix, and have different social aspects. You may curse around your friends, but not your family. My personal relatoinships with my friends, aquaintances, and facebook friends are of no concern to my employer. Evaluate me on my work performance, and past experience. I am currently a contractor with a government agency, and just to get that job they had to do background checks that to me were far too personal, at least they didn't ask me to give up my social networking and blog user name and passwords.
  • Mar 23rd, 2012 @ 3:50pm

    Re: Re: Re: BOOooks...

    the "bible" has a vampire in it as well....
  • Feb 27th, 2012 @ 2:12pm


    Ok, this is wrong on so many levels. The guy recorded mockingbirds and they were singing a tune that was covered by Rumblefish's copyright. Rumblefish knew it and so they verified the claim.

    What about this don't you understand???? Think of the children!!!
  • Dec 29th, 2011 @ 2:58pm

    (untitled comment)

    Aren't there books and other required reading that would be as if not more violent than those quotes have been misrepresented to state? What if the quote was written from (well known required reading material) or from a lesser known quote from Firefly? Does the school now have a responsibility to go through all the reading material and either censor it or remove it from the required reading material all together???

    Ban censorship!
  • Dec 29th, 2011 @ 2:31pm

    Re: Transferring from GoDaddy

    I have used surpasshosting.com since 2004. Good prices on domains and plans, and great uptime. They are constantly upgrading their hardware and software, and their official and non official support is great. If you use them tell them that crazyco refered you please.
  • Oct 31st, 2011 @ 2:44pm


    When people choose a movie do they really take into consideration what studio it came from? The first 5 minutes of a movie is nothing but ads for production companies that people don't really even care about. Does it really matter anymore if it is Disney or Paramount or Fox or whoever else is out there? People only care about the movie it's self or who is staring in the movie.

    Johnny Depp could have cross promoted both movies at the time of interviewing to satisfy Disney, instead Disney made themselves out to be Cruella de Vil DisneyCo (The name was used in what this commenter assumes is Fair Use Tech Dirt assumes no responsibility of this commenter's use of DisneyCo's names.
  • Sep 22nd, 2011 @ 3:59pm

    "anonymized" data

    When you are using a service that has GPS or cell tower tracking, how can this data be anonymized without stipping out the waypoints? Give me two weeks of anonymized data and I can tell you where that person or group of people works and lives. It isn't that hard to make those conclusions.
  • May 17th, 2009 @ 1:10pm

    Re: Re: I can see EMI's response now. (as Jared)

    I can. I have a USB port on my head unit and I have a 16 gig thumb drive full of .mp3s I listen to. In my car.

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