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  • Apr 15th, 2010 @ 10:37am


    Anonimous Coward (love the name btw)

    I would argue that the fact that in order for me to access my email server to read or write emails, I have to enter a user name and a personalized password, indicate that I should have presumption of privacy, unless you give me your information to access your email account or I unlawfully get your personal information, I cannot access your email because it is private.

    Because your home's curtains are open and your wife is taking a shower, doesn't give me the right to stand at the window checking her out. and I say at the window rather than the street, because if I can see her from a public place then it gets murky, but I don't thing that yahoo or gmail emails are readily available to be read by anyone typing a URL, you would need to hack into a system in order to have access to them.

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