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  • Sep 27th, 2011 @ 12:00pm

    Taser = Gun

    When the TASER was initially introduced, it was with hesitation and passed mainly because it was proposed as a safer alternative to drawing a deadly firearm, but warranting the same protocol. As demonstrated in BC with the needless death of a Polish man by TASER this restraint is nonexistent.

    Anyone who says that use of a TASER is appropriate should ask themselves if it would be appropriate to draw a firearm in the same situation, as this was the standard of use for which it was approved.

    Instead of respecting use of a TASER according to the same caution one would using a firearm, cops are treating it like an alternative to pepper spray or it would seem at times just for kicks. If the police continue failing to respect this weapon and treat it like a toy, it should be taken away from them.