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  • Dec 24th, 2016 @ 7:32am

    Re: Re: media ownership

    You don't have much intellectual curiosity, do you.
  • Dec 23rd, 2016 @ 11:10am

    media ownership

    Who Runs the Media?

    Viacom - Sumner Redstone, Chairman Emeritus, former CEO is Jewish
    Viacom - Philippe Dauman, President, CEO and Chairman is Jewish 
    Viacom - Shari Redstone, Vice-chairwoman isJewish
    Viacom - Owns BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Logo TV, Comedy Central, Palladia, Spike, and Epix
    News Corp - Rupert Murdoch Exec Co-Chairman former CEO is a Zionist (some say he’s Jewish).
    News Corp - Owns The Times, The Sun, Dow Jones & Company, The Wall Street Journal
    News Corp - Owns HarperCollins, Fox Entertainment Group (owners of the 20th Century Fox film studio and the Fox Broadcasting Company)
    21st Century Fox - Rupert Murdoch Exec Co-Chairman former CEO
    Fox News - Rupert Murdoch
    Fox Entertainment Group - Rupert Murdoch
    News Corp - Rupert Murdoch Exec Chairman
    Walt Disney - Robert Iger President and CEO isJewish
    Walt Disney Motion Picture Group - Orin Aviv Pres of production is Jewish
    Comcast - Julian Brodsky Co-Fonder is Jewish
    Comcast - Ralph Roberts Co-Fonder is Jewish
    Comcast - Brian L. Roberts CEO and Chairmane isJewish
    Comcast - David L. Cohen Exec VP is Jewish
    Comcast - Stephen B. Burke Exec VP is Jewish
    CNN Worldwide - Jeff Zucker, President is Jewish
    CNBC - Mark Hoffman CEO and President isJewish
    NBC - Stephen B. Burke CEO is Jewish
    NBC - Robert Greenblatt Chairman is Jewish
    NBC - Jeff Gaspin Former Chairman is Jewish
    CNN Worldwide - Jeff Zucker, President is Jewish
    CBS - Leslie Moonves, President is Jewish
    CBS - Shari Redstone Vice-chairwoman is Jewish
    CBS - Sumner Redstone Chairman Emeritus
    CBS - Sumner Redstone, former owner is Jewish
    Vox - Ezra Klein, Editor-in-Cheif is Jewish
    Screw - Al Goldstein, Publisher and Pornographer is Jewish
    Variety - Steve Gaydos, Executive Editor is Jewish
    Variety - Peter Bart, Co-Editor-in-Chief is Jewish
    Chicago Tribune - Sam Zell, Owner is Jewish
    Los Angeles Times - Sam Zell, Owner is Jewish
    The New York Times- Ochs-Sulzberger family, majority shareholders are Jews
    The Washington Post - Donald E. Graham, CEO and Chaiman is Jewish
    Daily News - Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman, Owner is Jewish
    The New York Post - Rupert Murdoch, Owner isJewish
    Wall Street Journal - Rupert Murdoch, Owner isJewish
    U.S. News and World Report - Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman, Owner is Jewish
    DreamWorks - Stacy Snider, Co-chairman and CEO is Jewish
    DreamWorks - David Geffen, Co-chairman isJewish
    BBC Television - Danny Cohen, Director is Jewish
    MGM - Harry Sloan, Chairman and CEO is Jewish
    CW - Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment isJewish
    Warner Brothers - Barry M. Meyer, Chairman and CEO is Jewish
    Warner Brothers - Alan F. Horn, President and COO is Jewish
    Warner Brothers - Jeff Robinov, President of Productionis Jewish
    Warner Brothers - Martin Shafer, Chairman and CEO of
    Castle Rock Entertainment is Jewish
    Warner Brothers - Bruce Rosenblum, President of Television Group is Jewish
    Warner Brothers - Peter Rot, President of Television Production is Jewish
    Warner Independent Pictures - Polly Cohen President is Jewish
    Fox Filmed Entertainment - Thomas Rothman, Chairman and CEO is Jewish
    Sony Picture - Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO is Jewish
    Regency Pictures - Arnon Milchan, Chairman isJewish
    USA Network - Toby Graff, Senior VP of Public Affairs is Jewish
    Showtime - Matthew C. Blank, Chairman and CEO is Jewish
    Showtime - Robert Greenblatt, President isJewish
    Universal Studios - Jeff Shells Chairman isJewish
    Universal Studios - Rowan Conn, CFO is Jewish
    Universal Studios - Adam Fogelson, Chairman isJewish
    Paramount Pictures - Brad Grey, CEO and Chairman is Jewish
    Paramount Pictures - Jesse L. Lasky, co-founder, a Jew
    Paramount Pictures - Adolph Zukor, co-founder, a Jew
    Paramount Vantage - John Lesher, Co-president is Jewish
    Paramount Vantage - Nick Meyer, Co-president isJewish
    RCA - Owns NBC - David Sarnoff Founder isJewish
    Tribune Company - Eddy W. Hartenstein, President and CEO is Jewish
    And the list goes on and on and on…

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