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  • Aug 22nd, 2014 @ 9:13am

    (untitled comment)

    Isn't that just free money on the ground right there? I mean (f) is very very clear and the guy flat out admits to violating (1) and (2). If your account is monetized and some jerkoff gets it closed, that's your injury right there.

    There should be a line of attorneys at the guys door, no?

  • Aug 12th, 2013 @ 8:11pm

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    There is one thing no one can argue about. The stop-and-frisk program definitely saved lives. There are people walking around right now because one of those guns was not available at the time. The opportunity passed or the circumstances changed and that person was never killed. Many of these people were decent citizens, productive, people just like you and me. If not for Bloomberg and Kelly, those people would be bones in the dirt.

    Obviously as a society we make trade-offs all the time. Liberty is dangerous. People die needlessly when everyone is too free. The case law is full of restrictions on freedom, and the Constitution has been interpreted in various ways, mostly according to the will of the people. We hold the Bill of Rights in very high regard, but we redefine it constantly.

    Many people, including myself, are terribly disappointed at Bloomberg and Kelly's attempt to redefine the 4th Amendment. My greater disgust though is reserved at the fact that both these men are very smart guys, and they are surrounded by more smart guys, and they all huffed and puffed and they could not for the life of them come up with a method that would get guns off the street and satisfy just one Federal judge. Just a nod to affirmative action and a little less aggression and most everyone would be happy. But no.

    The sheer obstinacy was astounding. They doubled down at every point they could. Even when the writing was on the wall, they blew every chance to sanitize their operation. Their press conference today displays the same arrogance. Hey, we're too stupid and lazy to do it right and we don't care. Fuck you.

    I expect better and so do most people. There is a way to get guns off the streets and preserve the rights that we all cherish. We will never get all the guns off just like we will never remove all danger and threat in our world, and we need people in charge who realize this.