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  • Shameful: WIPO Threatens Blogger With Criminal Charges For Accurately Reporting On WIPO Director's Alleged Misconduct

    Scott S. ( profile ), 29 Apr, 2014 @ 06:19pm

    Quinn has chosen not to fight?

    Re: "Quinn has chosen not to fight this, taking down his post and the associated documents, noting that while he believes in the First Amendment, he's currently recovering from hip replacement surgery and is in no condition to take on this sort of fight at the moment."

    First of all, I am totally against WIPO's actions to intimidate Gene Quinn and others from reporting on WIPO's scandals. However, isn't this the same Gene Quinn who angrily reacts whenever it's pointed out how biased and dismissive he his when others point out how much damage trademark and other IP bullies are inflicting on individuals and orgs too small or intimidated to fight back? Funny how he meekly reacts when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I realize hip replacement surgery is no picnic, but has Gene ceased all legal work because of it? Perhaps, but I'm guessing that hip replacement surgery or not, Gene would have folded instead of fighting. Because as an IP atty, he knows firsthand how unreasonably expensive and risky it is for individuals and small orgs to fight back against IP bullies.

    In other words, like many attys and critics of those trying to stop the proliferation of IP bullies, Gene appears to be a hypocrite. But hopefully this experience will change his and the opinions of others who protect and defend IP bullies.

    But as Upton Sinclair famously said: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

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  • Entrepreneur Magazine Sued For Allegedly 'Defrauding' The Trademark Office

    Scott S. ( profile ), 25 Sep, 2012 @ 12:34am

    pro se litigants, personal and anonymous attacks

    Thanks to Mike and Techdirt for their stories about trademark bully Entrepreneur Magazine's "despicable" attacks against entrepreneurs that use the word entrepreneur.

    For the record, I filed "pro se" because like probably 99% of all individuals and small biz owners, I cannot afford $250,000 or more for a law firm. Also beware of Entrepreneur magazine shills abusing Techdirt's reader comments system with hate-filled rants and personal attacks that will be anonymously posted or using fake names (ironically, Entrepreneur magazine was started by a convicted bank robber using one of his numerous fake names!). People under the intense pressure of trying to cover-up years of blatantly defrauding a federal agency can get very desperate and angry. What you won't see from these shills is credible proof that Entrepreneur magazine ever produced any of their so-called "Entrepreneur Expo" or "small business expo" events during the time-frame in question, and possibly not since the 1990s.