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  • Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 12:16pm

    Re: ESP not Common Carrier

    Dan, thanks for replying so openly here. The problem from the consumer side is quite simple though. I was a loyal magicjack user who had just decided to replace my land line with magicjack after almost a year of happy use UNTIL you started blocking Your decision to block the one number most commonly used by most of the businesses I work with (I work remotely and online as many do) means that whether I want to or not, I can no longer consider MagicJack an alternative or a replacement for my land line. It bums me out that you drove a loyal customer away by changing your service.

    So, reluctantly, I am now looking for competitive services/products that allow me to call numbers that I require access to in order to do business. I'm considering a variety of other products and services and now, fortunately, there are a couple good competitors out there that allow calls to, can link to my cell phone and can be considered as alternatives to land lines.

    Not sure why that was a good business move on magicjacks's part honestly, especially with all the complaints to the FCC one find's when googling this issue and the purported class action and other legal suits. It's always a bad move to make your product not work anymore for loyal customers. We're great advertising otherwise, but we have to be practical. If you make the product no longer work as we need it to, we buy a different product.