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  • Mar 6th, 2012 @ 3:03pm

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    This is what I think will happen. You'll go to the WB store (think Disney store, but the only place where you can get WB movies when they release, a whopping 180 days before all the other stores get them to sell, and 2 years before you can rent from Redbox). The "Authorized" WB clerk will take your DVD and scan the barcode on his computer. You play the clerk and he disappears into the Digital Magic Room to "convert" and "upload" your movie to the cloud. A few minutes later he comes back, all flushed and excited, because, it worked and it was safe! He then proceeds to hand you your DVD and a slip of paper with your 25 key code and instructions on how to access your new "digtial" version of your movie. Now you go home and follow the directions and guess what! You log into Ultraviolet and enter your code. You, you guessed it. Another ploy to get us to use Ultraviolet.