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To say shortly, I am a web-developer, specializing in whatever WEB is made of. I have the experience of programming multi-user projects and managing them. My programming skills include PHP, JavaScript, SQL, AJAX and many others technologies based.

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  • Dec 3rd, 2010 @ 11:33am

    World War 3?

    It is funny to think some global process might be stopped once they take place. Even considering Wikileaks, there's no way to stop the intended amount of information from publishing. Nice to read people's thoughts about censorship in the USA, but in Ukraine we have even more of that. In fact we all know, the democracy is inexistant, it's just a virtual reality for people in particular countries, while everything is governed by money anyway. The same way any our oligarch would be always more precious in any democratic country, than any of you, of us, any talented and wise person...