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  • Oct 12th, 2012 @ 5:29pm

    The utimate monpoly: Apple

    Please... a system of technology that ONLY lets you work within the walled garden of Apple goodness - the company that invents crappy proprietary connectors simply to inconvenience their existing customers- requiring them to buy a cable that can only be bought from Apple - at least until other companies come up with the extortion.. er, sorry - the 'licensing fee' to use Apple's fricking plug? USB 3.0 not good enough for them? The company with the balls to outright steal an innovative UI (from Xerox) then SUE the companies that LICENSED the same technology. Ya.. Apple is a corporate citizen. How about coming thru on the wonderful mr jobs promise to let facetime connect to the rest of the world? Gimme a break.. I'll NEVER again own Apple products if they are te last in the world.