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  • Mar 27th, 2013 @ 7:53am

    Scratching Heads

    "...various experts on the CFAA are scratching their heads about why the House Judiciary Committee is even bothering with this draft bill."

    There is nothing to scratch, you scratch with the misconception that they are listening to you, that they care what you think. They don't care, and any request for input is merely perfunctory. They are worried about their position and power, how it was exposed by online activism, and how they look to those who they think really matters - moneyed interest. They patently will do anything to destroy you so they can viably subsist in the current corrupt system, that is the bottom line. Stop scratching your heads and start using them - stop living in a dream world of what has been presented to you via propaganda, and act accordingly.

  • Mar 26th, 2013 @ 1:43pm

    Re: Why Don't The Ones Who Elected...

    "... why dont those that elected the ones pushing for this crap do something about it?"

    The fact of the matter is that the ones who elected are not the ones with the power, in the sense of pulling electoral levers, etc. It is moneyed interest that made these ones elected visible and electable, the ones who voted for them were just given a choice between several sold out to big money options. They do not serve you, and the reason why they are doing this is that those with the moneyed interest expect them to "protect" their interest.

    Second, all of this CFAA fervor is the result of some pulling back the curtain on the "wizard." They fear for their positions and powers, because their positions and powers have always relied on screwing the American Public behind "closed doors" so to speak - but recently their dirty underwear has been displayed for everyone to see. What is the dirty underwear? What I have been writing about, how they do not serve you - the pipe dream is over, even the very pretense of serving the people is dead. Game over - no more ability to solely serve that moneyed interest in darkness (or shade), the sunlight has been turned on and the vampires are self-destructing. But they want to keep the game going, even if it means the total destruction of anything that ever resembled the United States (because a lot of it was BS). They have to criminalize to make their attack on the American people look like they are fighting a "crime wave," and not destroying the peoples displeasure and dissent - because that is what exposing them was all about. Now you can either wake up, you know, like Neo in the Matrix or opt for blissful enslaved ignorance -

  • Mar 26th, 2013 @ 1:00pm

    The Final Warning

    I am getting tired of telling you the nature of what you are facing - so here:

  • Feb 15th, 2013 @ 5:23pm

    The Target Of CISPA

    Congress has a specific target in mind, but that does not mean you should not be concerned about your privacy. I posted this on my blog, this is an excerpt, you should keep in mind that their primary concern is to subvert democracy in any form:

    "The greater threat [to privacy] is from the attacker coming in and trying to make something public that shouldn't be." - John Engler, Business Roundtable

    I think this is a complete sidestep to the issue, the issue is that these companies and the government do not want anything they do which is wrong and damaging to individuals and public exposed. They want a free pass so that no conscience can see the light of day, they want to penalize anyone who exposes their activity regardless of who they have harmed with their activity, both corporations and the government - they want to throw accountability to the wind so they can do as they please with no penalty. They don't want to be accountable to the people, whose public funds they use (they want to be public "servants" while they make you serve like slaves). The "cyber-crime" is just a side issue, they put something having to do with harming children to make the other activity (exposing their dirty activity by pulling it out of cyberspace) look really heinous by written association (they always use kids to stand behind, like they care), and threw in foreign espionage activity for good measure.

    As an example, we can see what representative Rogers wants, by what he wanted done to Bradley Manning - death penalty for treason, or to endlessly torture someone to death - specifically for pulling their recorded activity off of the internet for all to see (the evidence), they want to criminalize it with severe penalties. They not only want impunity for needless wars, but impunity for those who supply what is needed for the war - corporations, and this is just one example, it can virtually be anything harmful to the public. They want to keep the propaganda machine going with no exposure (corporations/government, does not matter which or both).

    They want to do what they are doing to Julian Assange as a matter of course - big time, for anyone else who wants to expose corporate or government activity in a similar manner. They want to criminalize dissent if it exposes their activity, whereas an individual can be investigated and evidence be brought against them for criminal activity, they do not want any person(s) to uncover what they do (government, corporations) and make them pay a penalty (I can understand why, because they are congenital thieves and mass murderers!). The issue is that we have both a criminal government and corporations. They want to resume assassinations and imprisonments on a large scale against dissent, against anyone who opposes the corporate/government (they are virtually indistinguishable at this point, it is like a revolving door out of corporations into government and back again).

    They want you to be quiet, they want you to die without a whimper as they enact their fascist policies (because that is what fascism is, the complete melding of business and government - and the consequent attempts to silence protest by any means necessary), because that is what this is - it is a fascist bill, it is a Nazi bill. They want you to remain silent as they plunge a knife into democracy - don't let them do it!!!