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  • Apr 16, 2017 @ 04:06am

    Profile Defenders Still At It

    I signed up with Profile Defenders just recently and was given the same "patented method" story to include a 100% success rate. Moreover, Ruddie claimed to personally know the owner of Rip Off Reports, and would call him and tell him that what was posted by them was all lies and that we were " really good guys."

    After trying to contact him for several days to no avail, I started to "google" where I discovered Techdirt's article. I then immediately asked for the 2K fee that I payed him. He claimed he had already spent "considerable time" on my case and would return only $1500. I then confronted him with his alleged criminal conduct, and that he had just committed another crime a violation of 18 USC 1343 by defrauding me by use of his phone and internet. I told him I didn't do business with crooks, or people who don't return phone calls.

    Next I receive a call from his criminal lawyer, Hirschhorn claims Ruddie told him that. I was trying to extort money from him and I should accept his $1500 offer, wherein I told him to stick it. And this is what Hirschhor said about Ruddie's lies about knowing the owner of Rip off Reports:

    As a wordsmith yourself, you KNOW the word “know” can have several alternative factual* meanings. Ranging from actually “knowing” someone (i.e. been in his or her company, talked to them etc) to the Biblical “to know” someone. Somewhere between the two is the “I know” i.e. people frequently tell my law partners they “know” me when in reality they mean, they “know of” me or have followed my career and therefor they “know me” when in fact we have never met, much less broken bread."

    Is that a doozy or what?