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  • Apr 8th, 2010 @ 11:05am

    If 'Piracy' Is Killing Filmmaking, Why Do Nigeria, China And India Have Thriving Movie Businesses?

    i find it difficult to take this article serious, how do go about grouping Nigeria, India and China together in an analysis of piracy when they share more differences than similarities in their markets.

    And then to go further and suggest that air conditioning is what attracts viewers to the cinema in places like Nigeria, and Hollywood should learn from this - shows a total disregard for the need to analyze issues intelligently and with a straight face. do i need to point out here you have a very primitive view of the world outside the US!

    Piracy is the single most important existential threat to the film industry in Nigeira, the pirates make more money than the producers. and yes your are right when you say it drives down prices but the pirates respond by using available technology to squeeze 100 films on to one video cd, which in effect takes producers out of the game because that can't compete at zero return.

    India has a more robust system of monetizing its film industry, nigeria dosesn't have the infrastructure to do so. Even tv studios are involved in piracy in nigeria, showing films without the permission of of the producer.

    so were is the market? Nollywood is funded by grassroots entrepreneurship, not banks, not film studios or Tv. funding is solely from family and friends and you recoup your investment from the sales of your film but pirates hijack the films, drive down the price to push producers out of the market then profit unchallenged.

    you need to educate yourself on the film industry in Nigeria, China and India as you quite rightly don't know what your talking about.

    And by the way China should not be in your list because it is one country but two systems, so films from Hong Kong are not included in the statistics for china because it is a territory with different regulations and government - as such Hollywood produces more films than China!