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Fossil Fuel Companies Want Governments To Pay $18 Billion For Bringing In Laws Tackling The Climate Crisis Largely Caused By Fossil Fuel Companies by Glyn Moody 9-24-2021 9:50 AM (23 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: September 12th - 18th by Leigh Beadon 9-18-2021 12:00 PM (5 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: June 13th - 19th by Leigh Beadon 6-19-2021 12:00 PM (1 comments)
Australia Triumphs Definitively In Long-Running Battle With Big Tobacco Over Plain Packs For Cigarettes by Glyn Moody 6-15-2020 7:33 PM (44 comments)
Corporate Sovereignty Lawyers Prepare To Sue Governments For Bringing In Measures To Tackle COVID-19 And Save Lives by Glyn Moody 6-01-2020 10:36 PM (36 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: March 22nd - 28th by Leigh Beadon 3-28-2020 12:00 PM (16 comments)
Uber Wins Dubious Honor Of Being First Big Tech Company To Bully A Small Nation Using Corporate Sovereignty by Glyn Moody 1-16-2020 7:30 PM (173 comments)
Another Nail In the Coffin Of Corporate Sovereignty, As Massive Asian Trade Deal RCEP Nears Completion Without It by Glyn Moody 9-20-2019 3:39 PM (28 comments)
Top Court Rules CETA's Lipstick-On-A-Pig Version Of Corporate Sovereignty Is Compatible With EU Law by Glyn Moody 5-02-2019 7:21 PM (8 comments)
EU Drops Corporate Sovereignty For Internal Bilateral Agreements, But Top Court Adviser Says It Can Be Used In CETA by Glyn Moody 2-01-2019 3:17 AM (2 comments)
Corporate Sovereignty On The Wane, As Governments Realize It's More Trouble Than It's Worth by Glyn Moody 9-13-2018 12:17 AM (7 comments)
After Removing US From Negotiating Process, Now Trump Suddenly Wants US Back In TPP by Mike Masnick 4-16-2018 10:43 AM (33 comments)
If You Ratify The CETA Trade Deal, You'll Break The Law, Legal Expert Tells EU Member States by Glyn Moody 3-16-2018 7:39 PM (10 comments)
Top Court Throws Out Corporate Sovereignty For All Trade Deals Within EU; Those Involving Other Nations Likely To Suffer Same Fate by Glyn Moody 3-08-2018 7:37 PM (46 comments)
TPP Is Back, Minus Copyright Provisions And Pharma Patent Extensions, In A Clear Snub To Trump And The US by Glyn Moody 1-25-2018 11:54 AM (58 comments)
Top German Judges Slam EU Plans To Create Global Court To Enforce Corporate Sovereignty by Glyn Moody 11-20-2017 7:44 PM (14 comments)
With The US Out, Canada Gets Copyright Out Of TPP And Moves Closer To Agreement by Mike Masnick 11-13-2017 11:53 AM (11 comments)
Time To Get Rid Of Corporate Sovereignty? USTR Robert Lighthizer Seems To Think So by Glyn Moody 11-01-2017 3:24 AM (10 comments)
Lawyers Gearing Up To Hit UK With Corporate Sovereignty Claims Totalling Billions Of Dollars Over Brexit by Glyn Moody 9-27-2017 7:37 PM (20 comments)
Canada Capitulates: Supreme Court Throws Away Government's Great Pharma Patent Victory by Glyn Moody 7-13-2017 6:46 PM (27 comments)
Financial Times Editorial: Time To 'Ditch' Corporate Sovereignty In Trade Deals by Glyn Moody 5-22-2017 6:05 PM (25 comments)
Just Because Eli Lilly's Corporate Sovereignty Claim Over Patents Failed Doesn't Mean The Threat Has Gone Away by Glyn Moody 5-08-2017 11:42 AM (4 comments)
Corporate Sovereignty Used To Bully Ukraine, Colombia And Italy For Protecting Public Health And The Environment by Glyn Moody 4-20-2017 6:10 PM (17 comments)
All That On-Off Excitement About CETA Last Year? It's Happening Again by Glyn Moody 3-30-2017 3:36 AM (4 comments)
JEFTA: The Latest Massive 'Trade' Deal You've Never Heard Of, Negotiated Behind Closed Doors, With Zero Public Scrutiny by Glyn Moody 3-22-2017 3:16 AM (19 comments)
Eli Lilly Loses Quixotic Quest To Get Canada To Pay $500 Million For Rejecting Its Bad Patents by Mike Masnick 3-21-2017 3:23 AM (21 comments)
Canada-EU Trade Deal Ratified By European Union; Now Needs Approval By All Member States' National Parliaments by Glyn Moody 2-15-2017 5:44 PM (11 comments)
After Voting To 'Escape' EU Sovereignty, Post-Brexit UK Will Become Subject To Corporate Sovereignty On A Massive Scale by Glyn Moody 1-31-2017 3:30 AM (47 comments)
US Is Officially Out Of The TPP, Though Not For Any Of The (Many) Good Reasons by Mike Masnick 1-23-2017 10:46 AM (26 comments)
US Government To Start Working On NAFTA 2.0 Immediately; What Will It Do On Corporate Sovereignty? by Glyn Moody 1-20-2017 10:45 AM (24 comments)

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