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14:40 Another Day, Another Judge Is Wondering Whether Or Not A Richard Liebowitz Client Knows He's A Richard Liebowitz Client (30)
12:39 Tweeters Were Criminally Charged For The Crime Of Trying To Identify A Police Officer... Who The Police Revealed In The Charging Docs (17)
10:51 AMC Theaters: Risk Death And Disability To Watch Movie Reruns For 15 Cents! (42)
10:46 Daily Deal: Beginner's Guide to Personal Finance And Investment Bundle (0)
09:37 It Was Nice While It Lasted: 9th Circuit Rejects Lower Court Ruling On How Abuse Of Patent Monopolies Can Violate Antitrust (18)
06:18 AT&T Fires Hundreds Of DC, HBO Execs In Latest Example Of 'Merger Synergies' (16)
03:17 CBP Privacy Impact Assessment Says It Can Pull All Sorts Of Data And Communications From Peoples' Devices At The Border (17)


19:42 Las Vegas Police Are Running Lots Of Low Quality Images Through Their Facial Recognition System (5)
15:40 Creating Family Friendly Chat More Difficult Than Imagined (1996) (28)
13:33 Paulding County High School Un-Suspends Student But Can't Un-Infect Students Who Got COVID-19 (39)
12:00 Digital Technology As Accelerant: Growth And Genocide In Myanmar (2)
10:45 Judge Tosses Out Genius' Laughable Lawsuit Against Google Over Licensed Lyric Copying (13)
10:38 Daily Deal: The 2020 Work From Anywhere Bundle (0)
09:37 Why Are There Currently No Ads On Techdirt? Apparently Google Thinks We're Dangerous (113)
06:12 The Idea That Banning TikTok Thwarts Chinese Intelligence In Any Way Is Ridiculous (29)
03:13 Georgia Governor Passes Law Granting Cops Protected Status For 'Bias-Based' Crimes (47)


19:53 Apple Opposes Trademark Application For Recipe App's Pear-Shaped Logo (23)
15:37 The Silver Lining Of Internet Regulation: A Regulatory Impact Assessment (4)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 251: Don't Sweat The Copycats (0)
12:07 Scientists Forced To Change Names Of Human Genes Because Of Microsoft's Failure To Patch Excel (45)
10:43 Hong Kong Uses New National Security Law To Arrest Prominent Pro-Democracy Media Tycoon (54)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Exclusive Business Analysis Bundle With Jeremy Aschenbrenner (0)
09:35 Yes, Facebook Treats Trump Fans Differently: It Has Relaxed The Rules To Give Them More Leeway (81)
06:03 Forget TikTok. Feebly Secured Infrastructure Is Our Real Problem (25)
02:57 Congressional Reps Want To Know Why The California DMV Is Making $50 Million A Year Selling Driver Data (19)


19:53 Michigan Supreme Court: Selling A $24,000 House (And Keeping The Proceeds) Over An $8.41 Debt Is Unlawful (41)
15:43 Get Ready For Deepfakes To Be Used In Financial Scams (8)
13:41 The Harry Potter Films Are Now Exclusive To Comcast, And The Streaming Sector Remains Oblivious To Piracy's Looming Resurgence (20)
12:12 San Diego Police Officers Are Using An Old Sedition Law To Punish People For Swearing Around Cops (22)
10:39 Section 230 Isn't Why Omegle Has Awful Content, And Getting Rid Of 230 Won't Change That (12)
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