Internet Washing Machine

from the yes,-yes,-it's-a-slow-news-day dept

This one caught my eye (and not just because I do happen to be doing laundry right now). We've already got the cyber fridge, so why not the cyber washing machine? I'll tell you why: because it's pointless. Why would you ever need to run your washing machine from your cell phone? I guess, the point is more so that the manufacturer can keep track of the machine, but it still seems a little silly.

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    Todd, 13 Dec 1999 @ 4:43pm


    Have you seen the commercial... where the refrigerator repairman appears at the door of a suburban couple. Wife and husband are confused -- neither has called the repair man. Their refrigerator isn't broken!, they declare.. Repair man says "not yet -- its about to break. It called us."

    I'm sure the Jini wonks at Sun are just entralled at the possibilities here. I'm not so sold. But, if someone could do that for my car, that would be another thing..."Todd, we're in the parking lot looking at your engine in our mobile garage..."

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    Mark Gallagher, 13 Dec 1999 @ 5:02pm

    This might not be as dumb as it sounds.....

    Actually, I would love it if the washer and dryer in my appartment building could let me know when a load was done. No more running downstairs and listening for tell-tale laundry sounds every five minutes.

    There are a bunch of interface issues, but this might be good for commercial/laudromat applications if not for the home user.

    Just a thought.

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