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Daily Deal: Platinum Sonic Toothbrush & USB Sanitizing Case

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We all know brushing is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile, but how much good are you doing if you're cleaning your pearly whites with a dirty brush? Complete with a UV sanitizing charging case that kills 99% of germs and bacteria on its brush heads, the Platinum Sonic Toothbrush offers a better way to brighten your smile. It delivers 40,000 brush strokes per minute to remove more plaque and whiten better than a standard toothbrush, and its two-minute smart auto timer helps ensure you brush for the ADA-recommended time. It's on sale for $50.

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    Anonymous Anonymous Coward (profile), 22 Oct 2018 @ 4:37pm

    Rechargeable vs battery

    I have a similar, though different brand, toothbrush. I also had a rechargeable beard trimmer. Both of these units self destructed due to the batteries becoming unchargeable. I replaced my beard trimmer with one that uses AA batteries, which could be rechargeable. Why the toothbrush makers don't have some similar units is beyond me.

    I have looked for, but have not found any 'sonic' type electric toothbrushes (I do like their performance) that use replaceable batteries, rechargeable or not. $50-$90 is too much to to discard such a unit when normal toothbrushes go for around $2-$3 apiece. The additional capability (which I like) does not justify the replacement cost.

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    • identicon
      Lawrence D’Oliveiro, 22 Oct 2018 @ 5:19pm

      Re: Rechargeable vs battery

      Ah, yet more instances of a proprietary rechargeable battery being used as a wonderfully effective vendor-lock-in subterfuge--it’s not just Apple. I was talking to the builders who were renovating my bathroom a few years ago, and the same thing happens with their power tools.

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    Bergman (profile), 23 Oct 2018 @ 1:06am

    A product that is most evil in its treatment of plaque!

    If you divide 40,000 by 60 and only take whole numbers as your answer, this thing produces 666 brush strokes per second.

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