CIA Game Now In Production: Last Chance To Order

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Pre-order your copy of CIA: Collect It All today »

It's been a while since we've mentioned our version of the CIA's internal training card game, that we Kickstarted back in April. For those who backed it, you've been receiving all the various updates on it -- including allowing everyone to download the rulebook. And now the game is officially in production -- which also means this may be your last chance to purchase a physical copy. While we're printing up some extra copies beyond what's already been ordered, at this point we're only doing this one printing of the game, and that'll be it. You can still pre-order the game here, and as we get closer to selling out the initial run we'll turn it off.

If you don't recall, this project grew out of the CIA telling the world about some of the internal training card and board games it had developed, leading to some FOIA requests that revealed the heavily redacted details of some of these games. We picked one of them -- which the CIA calls Collection Deck -- and turned it into our own game, entitled: CIA: Collect It All. It's a fast paced card game, in which players take on the role of CIA analysts, trying to collect enough information, using a variety of different spycraft techniques, to deal with various crises. Of course, as with the real world, other forces seek to get in the way and block the analysts from collecting all of the information they need.

For our version of the game, we had to fill in a whole bunch of redacted cards, completely redo the design, and add in some other fun aspects to the game -- including an entirely different "storytelling" variant which allows you to use the same cards for a very different kind of game (still based on the CIA).

After completing the redesign, filling in all of the redacted bits, adding new rules, rewriting the entire rulebook from scratch and more, we finally received our first prototype, and have approved it going into full production. We've initially ordered more than we sold via Kickstarter, but not a huge amount, so if you want a physical copy, it makes sense to put your order in soon.

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