What Our Supporters Are Saying About Techdirt's Coverage Of Encryption

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Help Techdirt Cut Through The Confusion In The Crypto Fight

So our big crowdfunding campaign around encryption is in its final couple of days. In the past few weeks, we've had guest posts from a number of knowledgeable people explaining why it was so important to support Techdirt -- including EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn, former CIA operative (and current novelist) Barry Eisler, Media Professor Dan Gillmor and former Senate staffer Jennifer Hoelzer. Hopefully, those were enough to convince you to support us as well.

If not, then perhaps some of what people who are already supporting us have had to say? Over on Beacon, many of the people backing our campaign have also left their comments on why they're supporting us, and it's quite a worthwhile read. I hope you'll take the time to skim through the comments there, but here are a few:
"So much misinformation and bad analogies about the idea of encryption leads to people changing the debate in dishonest ways. Mike has shown keen insight in getting it right and keying in on the heart of the matter." -Stephen Marsh

"I am happy to support this project as I have seen what Techdirt was able to create with the Net Neutrality Battle project here on Beacon. I think having a similar style in reporting about encryption is hugely important for the future of the internet and all our digital devices which seem to have an ever increasing effect on our lives." - Christian Gelinek

"This is a complex and contentious topic, and I trust the team at Techdirt to help bring clarity to the discussion. Techdirt’s ability to cut through the BS and FUD is always welcome, too!" - Per Dutton

"Techdirt is one of the best journalism outlets I’ve ever seen for digital rights, free speech, and tech literacy. I’m a huge fan, and I’m eager to support it growing and reaching even more people." - Jon Jones

"Almost every story you write about matters. But even more importantly it is time to start taking our rights back from those who would give us 'safety and security.'" - Jason Meyer

"I'm fairly new to Techdirt, but already very much appreciate the types of issues you cover, the extent you cover them, and the insight/analysis you provide. Thank you." - Kevin T. McIntyre

"This topic sorely needs clarity and the kind of journalistic integrity that Techdirt consistently delivers on these kinds of issues." - Deb Nicholson

"Techdirt does crucial, substantive reporting on a number of issues and we should all support their work." - Charlie Hale
There are many more comments as well, and I hope that you'll check them out... and support our campaign. Thanks!

Facts Not Fear: Support Techdirt's Coverage Of The Encryption Fight

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