by Michael Ho

DailyDirt: Measuring Every Moment Of Our Lives

from the urls-we-dig-up dept

Data is everywhere, and it's getting easier and easier to collect. Digital photos and video are recording all sorts of activities -- from Chatroulette to citizen surveillance. Video versions of Twitter haven't yet gotten popular but someday they might. Or maybe, just like videophone predictions that never came to pass, no one actually wants to see that much raw video. In any case, here are some links on capturing experiences for posterity.
  • A bunch of folks are tracking their own behavior and discovering some interesting quirks. Conclusions based on a single data point may be a bit suspect, though. url
  • Lifelogging leads to a cute 85-second video of a baby growing up. Who will be the first kid to have his/her entire life captured by time lapse photography? url
  • NYU Professor Wafaa Bilal plans to implant a camera in the back of his head, taking pictures at one minute intervals for a year. url
  • Ted Ciamillo plans to film his journey in a 100% human-powered submarine as he crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, his project website is 100% Flash-powered. url
  • Firefox's Test Pilot data reveals how many tabs users like to keep open. Now I know that I definitely need to cut down on how many tabs I use.... url

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