Defense Department Blocking Any Website With Wikileaks In The Title?

from the department-of-denial dept

Given the Library of Congress' silly decision to block Wikileaks' website, we've been informed by a reader at the Defense Department that filters of DoD computers currently seem to be blocking access to any website that has "Wikileaks" in the title. The reader (who acknowledges this policy is pretty freaking stupid) was wondering if we might stop using Wikileaks in post titles so that he can continue to read our coverage -- since the filters do allow him to access stories with Wikileaks in the text, rather than the title. First off, we're not going to do that (if you want, try using an RSS reader or reading the stories via the front page) but more importantly, what is the Defense Department thinking? What a hamfisted attempt to block access to information that's widely available.

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  1. identicon
    Mindless Automaton, 8 Dec 2010 @ 3:15pm

    Specific Orders

    Above and beyond blocking Wikileaks from DOD computers, members of the US military have been SPECIFICALLY ORDERED not to read or watch anything related to Wikileaks, because the information is still classified, and we are not authorized to view it.
    This includes at home in our personal lives. We are prohibited from viewing the Wikileaks website, and also media outlets such as the New York Times, and any others that publish the information.
    Frankly I find it infuriating...

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