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Man Claims To Own 84% Of Facebook

from the and-I-invented-google dept

Has there ever been a company with more bizarre claims to ownership than Facebook? There have already been two high profile claims of others who say that Mark Zuckerberg "took" the idea of Facebook from them. The one involving the company ConnectU at least had a strong enough claim to get Facebook to pay up. Some of the details in that case suggest at least marginally underhanded activities on the part of Zuckerberg. Other claims have been more ridiculous, and there are a few former "co-founders" who clearly were not too happy about how things worked out.

But this latest claim may be the most bizarre of all. Some guy, who is currently fighting charges in New York State of taking $200,000 from customers for a wood-pellet fuel business (you can't make this stuff up), apparently claims to have come up with a contract from Zuckerberg that offered him 50% of Facebook for designing the company's website. The terms of the "deal" seem strange: a $1,000 fee and a 50 percent stake in the product plus an additional 1 percent interest in the business, per day, until the website was completed. This makes no sense, of course. First of all, why would Zuckerberg give away 50% of the site to the guy he hired to design it... and why would he offer the guy additional percentage points if the guy was slow in finishing? So, the whole thing sounds farfetched. Even if, somehow, this contract turns out to be real, some have pointed out that the statute of limitations in New York probably makes it meaningless.

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