by Mike Masnick

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Intel Realizes No One Is Going To Confuse A Newsletter About Mexico With Its Processors [Update]

from the about-time dept

Last year, we wrote about Intel's trademark lawyers getting over aggressive in suing the owners of the Mexico Watch newsletter for using the domain name LatinIntel.com In this case, it was clear that "intel" was the commonly abbreviated version of "intelligence," and no one was going to be confused and think that a newsletter about Mexico had anything to do with a company making microprocessors. For whatever reason, it appears that common sense has finally prevailed, and we've been alerted to the fact that Intel has dropped its lawsuit. Or not. Instead, it appears the details are that the court dismissed most of the claims, but left Intel the right to amend and refile its complain -- which Intel tells us it's going to do. We've asked for more info from Intel on its reasoning.
Of course, a simpler course of action would have been to have not sued in the first place...

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