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Turkish Reporters Finally Point Out That The Gov't Should Drop Its Silly YouTube Ban

from the about-time dept

Turkish courts have been really quick to ban various websites for flimsy reasons. A few years ago it went back and forth a few times before banning YouTube entirely, just because of a juvenile video on the site. However, it's now been nearly two years since the last YouTube ban was put in place, and it hasn't been lifted. Apparently, a bunch of Turkish reporters are now realizing how bad this looks for Turkey, and are asking the country to fix things and reinstate YouTube. Apparently, there have been numerous blog protests in the past, but now mainstream reporters are taking up the cause as well.
We as Turkish technology journalists have stressed the importance of a free Internet over and over again. Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review did a remarkable job by documenting non-censored computers for the use of the IMF and World Bank delegations during their summit this summer. We said it was not a clever move to try to hide something you are ashamed of, especially if the rest of the world knows about it. The fact that Iran is on the same level as Turkey in terms of free Internet is a shame on the politicians of a free, democratic society. Just as Iran, Turkey would like to create a national search engine and a national Internet, which is an oxymoron to many.
Also interesting, is the claim that the Prime Minister has admitted that he has "changed [his] DNS settings [to] access YouTube..." which certainly suggests that pretty much everyone recognizes this ban is completely pointless, and seems to only serve the purpose of making Turkey look bad.

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  • identicon
    hesus, 12 Mar 2010 @ 5:30am

    the turkish killed 1500000 arminian in 1915

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      zaven (profile), 12 Mar 2010 @ 5:40am

      Re: the turkish killed 1500000 arminian in 1915

      Funny, I was coming in to the comments to say something along those lines. Look at my name and you'd know why. In addition to the youtube ban, maybe they should stop their silly attempts to cover the Armenian Genocide.

      Bill finally got approved to be sent to Congress for a vote and now our wonderful President Obama is going to do everything in his power to suppress it. I find this hilarious for the simple basis that Obama, Biden and Clinton all heavily criticized President Bush for not doing more to recognize the genocide.

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  • identicon
    Proud Israeli !!!, 14 Mar 2010 @ 4:55am

    how many ??

    How many Armenians did you murderd during the 1st world war ??

    think !!!! then talk about us !!!!

    your a rigion with no shame' no inteligent and no nothing !!!

    proud israely.

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