by Mike Masnick

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Are Sprint And Clearwire Getting Back Together Over WiMax?

from the ain't-dead-yet! dept

A month ago, we noted that the end of Sprint and Clearwire's WiMax partnership was bad news for just about everyone involved. Almost no one could come up with a good reason for Sprint and Clearwire to end the partnership -- and now it appears that, just like A-Rod returning to the Yankees after a brief breakup, the rumors now are that Sprint and Clearwire are getting back together over WiMax. This really isn't all that surprising. Both companies had to realize it made more sense to work together on this than going it alone -- and with Verizon Wireless finally deciding to go with LTE for its next generation solution, both Sprint and Clearwire finally realized that they are going to have some competition out there for wireless broadband, and it would help both companies not to slow down the rollout. At least Scott Boras won't make any more money off of this deal. Update: Then again, maybe not. Apparently the original report on the potential of Sprint and Clearwire getting back together is incorrect. Still, it wouldn't be surprising if it did eventually happen anyway.

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