Gizmondo Still Forthcoming, And So Are The On-Device Ads

from the ok-so-who-loves-ads? dept

The Gizmondo lives on: with earlier reports of its demise evidently exaggerated, the company behind the gaming device is still preparing for it's supposed US launch next month. One thing that hasn't been lost in the shuffle of the Gizmondo's missed launch dates is its plan to sell users a lower-cost device in exchange for beaming them three ads a day to watch over its GPRS connection. The non-ad-spewing model will go for $400, compared to $229 for the version with ads. Engadget wonders (and rightfully so) why users would buy in to the ad model when an ad-free Sony PSP costs about the same as the ad version, and the similarly ad-free Nintendo DS goes for $100 less? Never mind the PSP and DS come from known gaming brands -- just ask Tapwave about trying to break into the handheld gaming market with an unknown brand.

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