Claria Can't Change Its Spots That Easily

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Earlier this year, when Claria first floated their plan to do targeted advertising, we noted that, despite the claims of getting away from "popups," it didn't look like the company was getting away from adware -- once again doing their best to confuse people on what the debate was about. It looks like some in the press have fallen for it again. Lots of news organizations have been covering the official announcement of the behavioral ad program that we discussed. While the AP article does discuss some of the complaints about Claria's reputation, it doesn't really point out that Claria's ability to offer this is still based on the data they're getting from sneaky installs. Someone (who admits they currently work for Claria competitor WhenU) sent in a link pointing to Mitch Wagner testing out the latest Claria installs showing that it's still sneaky. It may not be quite as sneaky as in the past -- and it does uninstall promptly when asked, but the company is still quite cagey about what it's doing, and still say it's against the terms of service to remove the product with an anti-spyware offering.

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    Rob Miles, 2 Aug 2005 @ 2:08am

    What's the consequences of removing Claria?

    So the TOS says you can't remove Gator ('cause that's still what they are) with AdAware or some other third party remover (I assume that includes something like Clean Sweep). What are they going to do, not allow you to use their product if you don't comply with the TOS? It's not like they can enforce the TOS with anything else, right?
    Rob Miles
    There are only 10 types of people in the world;
    those who understand binary and those who don't.

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    • identicon
      Anonymous Hero, 2 Aug 2005 @ 5:47pm

      Re: What's the consequences of removing Claria?

      Theoretically, they could charge that you have violated intellectual property laws and sic the feds on you. Nobody likes waking up to a gun in their face.

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