Security Researcher Fined Again

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In March, we noted that a security researcher in France who had published a report noting some security holes in an anti-virus product was threatened with being sent to jail for exposing the vulnerabilities. Eventually, the courts decided to just fine him. However, at the same time, there was another civil suit against the same researcher, and it looks like he's been fined again. Between the two cases, it looks like he's going to have to pay over 15,000 euros for pointing out that this particular software had serious security vulnerabilities. Aren't there laws that protect whistleblowers instead of helping them get fined? Meanwhile, the company suing him clearly has its head in the sand concerning these things. They should be thrilled that someone is doing free research for them, and showing them where they need to improve. Instead, they try to get him thrown in jail and fined. Talk about misplaced priorities. It certainly wouldn't make me comfortable using any product made by Tegam, who apparently is going out of business anyway. Meanwhile, if you're in France, apparently they would prefer that you shut up and leave the security vulnerabilities to the crooks who can make use of them.

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    Jack9, 8 Jun 2005 @ 12:40pm

    Um no protection for whistleblowers

    As long as they are characterized as whistleblowers, there will be no incentive nor any notable protections. When they are recognized as responsible citizens (and hell freezes over), they will be lauded.

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      Anceps, 10 Jun 2005 @ 12:17am

      Re: Um no protection for whistleblowers

      Well, he wasn't fined for being a whistleblower but for using a pirated version of the anti-virus software. Well, it seems that he only used it to prove his point, but that doesn't make any difference for the law. Of course, TEGAM wouldn't have sued him if he hadn't told their soft was crap.

      If you can read french, see , a french lawyer's blog giving lot of nice infos about the subject.

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