by Mike Masnick

Sony Discovers How The Internet Makes Region-Specific Strategies Useless

from the oops dept

You would think, by this point, people would realize that country or region specific sales tactics don't really work so well. The internet has made it so it's nearly impossible to keep something offered in one country from showing up in another. Of course, Sony apparently didn't get the memo. In releasing the popular PSP in country-specific launches, they're now left dealing with the fact that devices are being sold into countries where the gaming device hasn't be launched. Amusingly, Sony's claim against companies selling the devices in the UK is based on the idea that the grey marketers are violating trademarks. They would have a stronger claim if they actually had the trademark on "PSP" in the UK -- but they don't.

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    Joe Schmoe, 3 Jun 2005 @ 1:31pm

    No Subject Given

    Sony is just stoopid.

    Why create Yet Another Media Format (UMD) when you already have a failing format that you wish would take off (MiniDISC).

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    dorpus, 3 Jun 2005 @ 4:56pm


    Differing sensibilities for differing countries. We're in a world where Muslims still burn down their own cities over the idea that somebody somewhere flushed a Koran. To Western sensibilities, Japanese games may be too sexist, too anti-Christian, etc. When I've watched Japanese anime in Japanese, there are a lot of anti-Christian lines that don't get translated into the English version.

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