by Mike Masnick

Apple Wants 10% Of Any Made For iPod Product Sales

from the how-nice dept

There have been a number of stories lately about the economy built around the iPod, with a ton of accessories on the market thanks to this one single device. Back in January, Apple announced that it was going to start a "Made for iPod" marketing program that would let accessory makers add a special logo to their products or marketing materials. What wasn't reported, however, was that Apple wants 10% of the wholesale price on any "made for iPod" products (backed down from 10% of the retail price). This sort of thing isn't that uncommon, but taking 10% just so you can use an specific logo seems a bit steep. What's to stop a company from just pointing out that their product was made to work with the Apple iPod -- without using the specific trademarked phrase of logo?

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