by Mike Masnick

Gadget Give Aways Becoming More Popular

from the not-just-a-toaster-any-more dept

While banks used to give away useless junk to open an account (years ago, I remember getting "an electric broom"), it appears they're now going upscale. Banks and other companies seem to have recognized the craze surrounding what people will do to get free gadgets, and are starting to give away all sorts of free electronics if you just sign up, from free iPods to free Blackberries (service not included, of course). It may be more expensive, but apparently, it works. What a shocker. Giving away stuff that people actually want gets them interested in other stuff. There are some other industries that need to learn this lesson as well.

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    dorpus, 18 Feb 2005 @ 2:30pm

    Where are the free PC's?

    What happened to all the free PC's being given away in exchange for a year on an ISP, all the talk of the late 90s about how PC's were just a trivially priced commodity, like grain?

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