by Mike Masnick

So Much Technology Rage

from the calm-down-everyone... dept

There seems to be a growing sense of frustration and rage at technology products. We've talked about web rage, photocopier rage and mobile phone rage -- but computer rage is probably the most common. Earlier this week we mentioned some of the most amusing ways computers were destroyed -- and they often involved rage. A new study, however, shows that the rage is pretty common. Most people have sworn at their computer, and many have hit it or thrown a mouse -- and sometimes people even shoot their computers. Perhaps we should take a lesson from the Ukraine and set up computer destruction contests to help people get out their anger, like in the movie Office Space.

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    md, 27 Jan 2007 @ 2:26pm


    Most technology rage is caused by people who don't understand technology, yet work in that field. This causes priorities to become misguided, and in the end, consumers, whether they are retail or business users, they become frustrated at what's happening. Just take a look at for the latest issue upsetting people. The changes in daylight saving time are really going to upset people, yet the industry had a year and a half to prepare...

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