by Mike Masnick

Video Game Addiction Back In The News

from the time-to-drum-up-some-business... dept

We're always a little wary when psychologists start talking about some new "addiction" to technology. It often seems to come from a psychologist who is clearly trying to drum up more business for their own practice. For a while, the popular one was internet addiction, and that still gets some press every month or so. However, this time it's video game addictions that are back in the news. Of course, an actual study last year (not just simply psychologists talking about things) suggested that video games, by themselves, are no more addictive than school or work. In other words, while some people clearly do have problems giving up video game play, it's not so much an addiction, as a symptom of other problems. Blaming the games seems a bit simplistic, and unlikely to get at the real issues.

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