by Mike Masnick

Can I See Your Mobile Porn License?

from the there-goes-that-revenue-idea dept

Many mobile phone operators have been banking on porn to jump start their data services revenue. This has always seemed like an odd strategy. Perhaps I don't understand the porn market very well, but are people really that hard up for porn that they want to be able to view it on a tiny screen on the go? Either way, it looks like a roadblock may now be in the way. With the fear that (gasp! oh no!) kids might actually view porn on a mobile phone (as if they can't already access it on the internet), mobile phone operators in the UK are quickly trying to block out the porn (which, for some reason, they think is actually possible). Vodafone's latest strategy is to block all porn unless you somehow prove yourself to be an adult by giving them a credit card (which I'm sure plenty of kids have access to) or showing up in person at a store. I'm sure that will be a popular option: "Hi, I'm here to get porn on my phone!" Looks like some of that expected (if questionable) mobile porn revenue may have just gone out the window.

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