by Mike Masnick

Who Advertises On WhenU?

from the lots-of-big-companies dept

Last week, we wrote about big companies that advertise through spyware, noting that most of them refused to admit it (with Verizon being the big exception). Ben Edelman has decided that it was time to do a more thorough bit of research on who advertises through WhenU and began releasing the findings today. As noted last week, there are plenty of big companies such as Verizon, Priceline and Best Western. The article about the report also notes the surprising news that Major League Baseball (who has been sinking to new lows recently in some of their advertising deals) has actually made the decision that they will no longer sign deals with any company that advertises on WhenU or Claria. It would be interesting to find out if that's actually true. Considering some of the big name advertisers listed as working with WhenU, I'm sure MLB has at least a few of them signed to ad deals as well. Update: Here's a story about's decision. Basically, they're just going to add into their advertising contracts that you can't work with any adware/spyware companies. They may talk to existing customers, but don't plan on breaking any current advertising relationships. The reasoning appears to be that they're pissed off that these adware products pop up ads for people visiting the site.

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    Anonymous Coward, 30 Jun 2004 @ 12:09pm

    No Subject Given


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      boxingfan, 30 Jun 2004 @ 4:54pm


      I think there is a big difference between WhenU and other spyware. WhenU is pretty easy to unistallif you dont want it on your computer, and you should have chosen not to download it if you didnt want it inthe first place. There is spyware that is virtually impossible to get off that hijacks you home page etc. WhenU is a desktop advertising company, and you can uninstall or choose not to download its product.

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