Mobile Phone Bridge To VoIP System?

from the what-exactly-is-this-doing dept

i2 Telecom is making some news today for releasing what appears to be some sort of bridge device to tie mobile phones to a VoIP network. The articles and the press release about this offering are a bit confusing. i2's website doesn't offer any more help. Looking over their site (which doesn't seem to have this product listed yet), it appears that i2 Telecom is really yet-another-Vonage-wannabe - though with fairly inexpensive prices. What's interesting is that they pitch it in a different manner, focusing much more on the box they give you - as if it's this magical box that lets you make VoIP calls - rather than the service, like most players in this market. This new offering is basically an update on that box with one additional feature: if you call into your home line with your mobile phone, the box will recognize your caller ID and let you then bounce another call out, using the VoIP network. Basically, it lets you use your mobile phone on your VoIP system. It's a neat idea, but it does involve a few extra steps (calling your home line first). I can see this being useful mainly for those who make a lot of international phone calls, since the rates are cheaper. However, with the amount of included minutes that most mobile phone plans offer, it seems like it would have limited use for most domestic calls. Also, it probably only makes sense for those who also need a mobile phone plans and a home VoIP plan. If the person doesn't already plan to use either separately, than the added cost of this probably doesn't make much sense.

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