Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Now Altnet Goes After File Sharing Spies For Patent Infringement

from the who-else-can-you-piss-off? dept

It looks like Altnet/Brilliant Digital is trying to piss off just about everyone no matter what side of the file sharing debate you're on. Earlier this year they claimed they owned a patent on the right to identify a file using a hash, and promptly threatened to sue every other file sharing network out there. Many thought it was amusing that the company that basically runs Kazaa was threatening people over intellectual property. Now, though, they've gone after folks on the other side of the debate and have sent threatening letters to all the companies that spy on file sharing networks - usually on behalf of the recording industry. There are any number of reasons why this is ridiculous, starting with the central point that this is yet another ridiculous software patent that never should have been granted. Meanwhile, at least one of the companies being threated, BigChampagne, claims that Altnet has no clue what they're talking about, since they don't use a hash to identify files.

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    jeff, 12 Nov 2003 @ 8:48am

    No Subject Given

    They also sent a letter to google asking them to remove all references to the ad-stripped Kazaa Lite. Google complied and now when you type in kazaa lite, nothing shows up.
    The fall of Google begins...

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  • identicon
    Frank, 12 Nov 2003 @ 12:07pm

    no hits for Kazaa lite in Google?

    Well, it does say at the bottom of each results page that it removed some links, but I would have to think you could easily still get it from browsing through some of the many other listed sites. try it.

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